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Mizuno ST-Z Driver

Mizuno ST-Z Driver

Steve White

This sleek-looking driver is perfect for long hitters, with a design that helps you generate that distance along a straight line. It's time to try the perfect fairway finder.

The forged SAT2041 Beta Ti face is highly resilient, which is ideal for golfers looking to really smash the ball off the tee, and flexes at impact to help generate those extra yards. We also love the added control you get from Mizuno's ultra-stable balanced weighting.

Key features & benefits:

  • Forged SAT2041 Beta Ti face is strong and flexes at impact to generate plenty of speed & distance
  • Heel-toe balanced carbon composite construction is ultra-stable
  • Deep, central back weight for easy, powerful launch
  • Low-spin design helps add distance to every drive
  • Straight, consistent ball flights allow you to hit as far as you can without losing control

If you'd like to experience the outstanding performance of this Mizuno driver for yourself, get in touch with the team today!


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